Is the American Sulphur Horse Association a club or registry?
ASHA is a club for Sulphur Horse enthusiasts that are interested in horses originating from the Sulphur Horse HMA. It is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help collect and preserve the information about horses coming from the HMA and their descendants, as well promote public awareness of the Sulphur Horses. The SulphurSprings Horse Registry and the ASHA have merged together and joined forces in our efforts to save the Sulphur Horses from extinction.... The SSHR will be doing all of the registrations of the horses so that the ASHA can focus our efforts on research and public awareness to try to gain all of the help and support of the public as possible and by doing so we can hopefully accomplish our goals. We hope that by combining our efforts into one, we will be able to accomplish more.
When is the next Sulphur gather?
The BLM held a roundup of the Sulphur Horses in Dec. 2010. The BLM esimated there were 250  Sulphurs left out on the HMA. The gathered in 90 horses and put all but 28 horses back out on the HMA. The 28 that were kept will be available for adoption In March 2011, the details are posted below.. The horses are being held at our Gunnison, Utah facility (Central Utah Correctional Facility). Below is information regarding the adoption of these horses:

All horses will be made available for adoption on BLM's National
Internet adoption site March 2-16, 2011

Photos will be made available ASAP, prior to the March internet date.
A break down of the 28 horses that will be available for adoption include:
11 colts-geldings (2010 foals)
11 fillies (2010 foals)
5 young mares (2009 foals)
1 palomino mare (10 years old)

Contact Eric Reid: Cell (435) 590-5395 or email: 
Gus Warr: Cell: 801-824-1632 or email:
Chad Hunter. Cell:435-590-5395 or Email: .

Who is being used for parentage DNA testing?
Dr. Gus Cothran has done studies on the Sulphur horses and is well known for his research on the Sulphur horses. Dr.Cothran has Sulphur horse’s DNA samples from past Sulphur horse’s that may either be deceased or lost. Your horse DOES NOT have to be DNA'd to join ASHA, this is an optional test for Sulphur owners who want the test done.

Why is the Sulphur horse being called a Strain?
Dr. Sponenberg states, "Strains are families within breeds. So, the Sulphurs are a strain, because they are more related to each other than to Gila Mustang Horses, the Kiger Mustangs, the Carter Horses, , the Pryor Mustangs or the Choctaw horses. Even though they are all Spanish in origin." [Dr. Phil Sponenberg, a leading authority on horse genetics, in particular, an expert on "Colonial Spanish horses". Also Dr. Sponenberg, is ALBC Staff Member as a Technical Advisor.]  ALBC states, "The North American Spanish horse population includes many distinct strains and these could be considered either parts of a larger, single breed, or several smaller, closely related breeds. Given the overall consistency of this population and the fact that many individual horses are registered in more than one of the registries, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has chosen to consider them as one breed."

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