"Sulphur Genetics"
In the early spring of 2001 two of the American Sulphur Horse Association's Board members were contacted by world renown and respected scientists Dr.E.Gus Cothran of the Univ.of Kentucky Equine Research Dept.and Professor Maria Mar D'Oom of Univ of Lisbon, Portugal, to help them in a joint genetic research project studying Iberian breed horses.

Danna Miyamoto teamed up with Dr.Cothran to supply him with the Sulphur samples he needed to conduct his part of the study here in the United States. While Erin Gray worked closely with Professor Maria Mar D' Oom, collecting a similar set of samples from a group of Sulphur horses and sending them off to the labs in Portugal.

The study was looking into the relationship (if any) between the Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) breeds. As the Sulphurs are a recognized Iberian breed (Old World blood) now found in the New World they were included in this study.

The following Sulphur horses were used either here in the USA or in Portugal.

Sulphur's Rizada
Sulphur's Musica
Sundance Sulphur's Cielo aka Desert Cielo
Sulphur's Tia
Sulphur's Vanhi
Sulphur's Kamilani
Sulphur's Anhur Maximus
Sulphur's Khanketsuba
Senior Diego
Chulita Ballo
Sulphur's Felicia
(If you are aware that your horse was part of this study and we missed your horse. Please contact us so we can add it to our list).

As a side to this study we learned of the mtDNA patterns of the following horses. as mtDNA is passed in the maternal lines all dams, grandams, sisters, female siblings and daughters to these horses will also have the same patterns. mtDNA pattern of the other horses involved in the study will be available as soon as we get that information.

Sundance Sulphur's Cielo aka Desert Cielo carries the Iberian/Barb Sul 1 mtDNA pattern;
Sulphur's Rizada found to carry the Iberian/Barb Sul 1 mtDNA pattern;
Sulphur's Musica found to carry the Iberian/Barb Sul 1 mtDNA pattern;

Because of the pattern of these mares the following horses share this same Spanish pattern Sulphur Blossom; Sulphur Cinnamon; Sulphur Stormy; Sulphur Blondie; Sulphur Strawberry; Sulphur Kamilani; Sorraia-Sulphur Caballo and Sorraia-Sulphur Iberico.

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