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Chance's progeny are registered with the SMR:

Tierra, 2164- bay mare / foaled 7/25/94.
Dam: Sulphur's Tia 2024

Mestene's Ferdinand, 2273- claybank dun stallion,
foaled 4/23/95. Dam: Sulphur's Mestene 2027

Spice's Cinammon, 2274- sorrel mare foaled 4/30/95.
Dam: Sulphur's Spice 2026

Smokey's Wisp, 2275- red dun mare foaled  5/7/95.
Dam: Sulphur's Smoky 2025

Oodecheh Ryeh Antheuh Nyehheh, 2276- black mare
foaled 5/11/95. Dam: Sulphur's Barb 2023

Smoky's Ashes, 2371- grulla mare foaled  5/23/96.
Dam: Sulphur's Smoky 2025

Sulphur's Sioux Sock 2372- dun stallion foaled 5/1/96.
Dam: Sulphur's Barb 2023

Mestene's Pueblo 2373- dun stallion foaled 4/26/96.
Dam: Sulphur's Mestene 2027

Wakara's Gold 2374 - dun stallion foaled 4/20/96.
Dam: Sulphur's Spice 2026

Wisp, 2525 - dun mare foaled 5/16/97.
Dam: Sulphur's Barb 2023

Spice's Pepper, 2526- bay mare foaled 5/16/97.
Dam: Sulphur's Spice 2026

Sulphur's Quest, 2527 - grulla gelding foaled 5/22/97.
Dam: Sulphur's Smoky 2025

Little Miss Wrangler, 2428 - claybank dun mare foaled 5/16/97. Dam: Sulphur's Mestene 2027

Sulphur's Cibola 2772 - claybank stallion foaled
5/28/99. Dam: Sulphur's Mestene 2027

Sulphur's Cabeza 2778- grulla mare foaled 6/15/99.
Dam: Sulphur's Spice 2026

Full Sulphur Grandchild is:

Sulphur's Anhur Maximus, 3113 -dun stallion foaled 3/9/00. Sire: Mestene's Pueblo X Dam: Wars with Thunder Felicia.

Chance's half Sulphur descendants:

Chance's Sulphur Renegade. Silver grullo, Sulphur x Kiger gelding / 2001
Chance's Morning Mist. Dun Sulphur x Kiger filly / 2001
Chance's Spitfire. Grullo Sulphur x Kiger gelding / 2001
Chance's Rosa. Dun Sulphur x Kiger filly foaled / 2001
Chance Red Passion. Chestnut Sulphur x Indian Warm Springs filly foaled 2001.

Last foal crop of Chance's, both fillies foaled in 2003 out of two Kiger mares, once owned by Robert Smith, now owned by Coni Florey.
Ron Roubidoux registered Chance, with:

The Spanish Mustang Registry  # 2028;
American Indian Horse Registry, Inc; 0-2168;
American Buckskin Registry Association; T-12954. Chance was promoted as a SMR and ABRA during his show career.

During the time Erin Gray owned Sulphur's Chance, he was shown at:

Pacific Wild Horse Club 1999: Open Schooling show;  1st place Halter Mustang stallion Champion Dun factor Mustang.
Pacific Wild Horse Club 1999: Open Schooling show;  1st place Halter Mustang stallion, Champion Dun factor Mustang.
Kiger Fest! 2000: 1st place Dun factor, High Point Dun factor stallion, High Point Mustang stallion.

On July 28, 2000, Chance was registered into the: Sulphur Horse Registry # 1024.

In 2003 the ASHA honored Sulphur's Chance's memory by registering him as the 1st Spanish Sulphur horse into the ASHA, as F-001.
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