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Ron Roubidoux Sulphur Horses
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In 1989 a remote herd of horses was found in Utah. They had the history and the blood type so many others had claimed over the years. This was the Sulphur Mountain Home Range herd. Ron Roubidoux ,who worked for the UT fish and game, took an interest in this herd. He employed the help of Gus Cothran from the UNV, of KY, as well as Phil Spondenburg , a noted equine specialist from the Univ. of VA.

Dr. Cothran helped Ron pick out horses that "had the highest percentage of New World Iberian markers of any feral herd tested to date." Dr. Spondenburg traveled from Virginia to Utah to help Ron hand pick a breeding herd that best resembled the true Spanish type. With this done, Ron petitioned congress for special herd protection, it was granted.
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