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Spanish Descendant Horses ready for Adoption
Daily Herald Delta Utah
Thursday, 22 January 2009
The BLM will host a Sulphur Wild Horse Adoption at the Delta Wild Horse & Burro  Facility, 600 North 350 West, Delta, Sat. Jan. 24, 2009, featuring more than 200 Wild Horses from Utah's own Sulphur  Herd. The public is encouraged to attend, admission is free.

The Sulphur horses have been genetically tested and show strong evidence of Spanish Ancestry. BLMs Wild Horse Specialist,
Chad Hunter said, "I've talked with people from all around the nation who are inquiring about horses of Spanish descent. This is an opportunity for the people from Utah to see and adopt these remnants of Spanish ancestry, Horses from the Sulphur Herd."

According to Hunter the Sulphur Horses are believed to have originated from stock brought across the Old Spanish Trail that went through southwestern Utah in the 1600-1700s. Hunter said the Sulphur Herd exhibits the Spanish characteristics including a high proportion of dun and grulla colors with tiger-striped legs, line back cross-over withers and black rimmed ears. Body sizes tend to be smaller and trim when compared to other Wild Horses. Sulphur Wild Horses are approximately 14 hands in size with mares estimated  to weigh 750 to 800 pounds and stallions, 800-900 pounds.

"Our main concern is to find good homes for all the horses," said Hunter. "Some animals may adopt for more than the base price of $125, but many are expected to be adopted at or near the base fee."  Additional information on adoption and the adoption application can be found online at To receive a faxed or mailed copy of the application, a brochure or other information, call the Delta Wild Horse & Burro Facility  435-864-4068.

Hunter said, "When you consider the stress of adoption day, people and separation from the herd, the risk of injury can be very high. Therefore, covered stock trailers with side-swinging gates are preferred. A completely enclosed  three-horse trailer or larger is recommended. Two-horse trailers and drop ramps are not acceptable. BLM has taken  precautions to ensure the safety of the animals. Newly adopted Wild Horses are not accustomed to traveling in a  horse trailer.

For more information, please contact Chad Hunter at the Bureau of Land Management, 176 East DL Sargent Drive, Cedar City, Utah, 435-865-3088, or the Delta Wild Horse & Burro Facility, 600 North 350 West, Delta, 435-864-4068.
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From the 2008 Wild Sulphur Horse roundup and sale in 2009. A lot of them on were on the internet adoption. Total horses for adoption - 312 on the list, varied colors : Dun- 37 * Grulla- 44  *  Buckskin- 38  *  Palomino- 4  *  Black- 54  *  Bay- 84  *  Chestnut- 19  *  Sorrel- 23  *  Brown- 3  *  Grey- 3  *  Red Roan- 1  *  Blue Roan- 1  *  Strawberry Roan- 1