"Iberian Through Heritage, Pure In Heart, Spanish American Horse"
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The SulphurSprings Horse Registry Inc and the ASHA have merged together and joined forces in our efforts to save the Sulphur Horses from extinction.... The SSHR will be doing all of the registrations of the horses so that the ASHA can focus our efforts on research and public awareness to try to gain all of the help and support of the public as possible and by doing so we can hopefully accomplish our goals. We hope that by combining our efforts into one, we will be able to accomplish more.The American Sulphur Horse Association was formed in 2003 in efforts to preserve, promote and protect this beautiful Spanish Iberian horse. Read the history of the rare Spanish American Sulphur and what ASHA is doing with it's efforts to help preserve this unique breed of Spanish horse. Read our frequently asked questions page. ASHA supports the purposeful breeding of the "Spanish-type". Our goal is not for the  marketability of our Sulphur's, it is for the preservation of the Spanish Sulphur gene pool.
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has accepted ASHA's application for membership. When we applied for membership, ALBC sent this to us: This is one population that should be kept free of introductions from other herd management areas, as it is Spanish in type and there fore more unique than horses of most other BLM management areas. "Genetic testing by Dr.Cothran (For many years, Dr. Cothran did the testing at UKY., Equine Blood Typing Research Laboratory Department of Veterinary Science, Now Dr. Cothran is furthering his work at Texas A&M), has revealed that, "They (the Sulphur horses) definitely have Spanish ancestry and possibly are primarily derived from Spanish Horses". Additional testing by Biopsytec Analytik has verified Drs. Sponenberg’s and Cothran's evaluations.”
Click here to read the article on Recruiting and Training New Breeders  by D. P. Sponenberg and Marjorie Bender
The Iberian Sporthorse & Warmblood Registry, Inc. Now recognizes ASHA horses that have had the DNA parent tested as Purebred Iberian blood. They will enjoy the same breeding privileges as the PRE, PSL, American and Australian Andalusian. This is the original Iberian Warmblood registry since 1986.
ASHA is a proud member of the ALBC
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