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Dear Potential ASHA Member:

The ASHA would like to invite you to become a member of The American Sulphur Horse Association aka ASHA.  Our goals are to preserve and protect these beautiful Spanish Iberian horse's gene pool. The ASHA has a list of good Sulphur Horse breeding partners, many that have been DNA'd.  Dr. Gus Cothran has tested and proven that our beautiful Spanish Sulphurs are related to the Iberian horse.  www.americanspanishsulphur.org/GeneticsResearch.html

ASHA wanted to educate people about this Spanish Sulphur / Iberian breed, and promote these beautiful striped duns through shows, publications where the Sulphurs may be featured, expositions we attend and our websites that show off the foals that our Sulphurs produce.

We are making it easy to join and to register your Sulphur mare or stallion. First you join and then you register your Sulphur Horse.
Full Membership (per person) $10. (US)
Family, Farm & Ranch, $20 (US)
Next you can decide if you want to get your Sulphur Horse to have the DNA parent testing.
Fee for transfers for ASHA members is $5.00 per horse.
$10.00 per horse for non-members.  Transfers .

If you plan to join the ISWR, The Iberian Sporthorse & Warmblood Registry, Inc., contact them directly for instructions as the ASHA does not register horses any longer.

We will add your registered stallion to Stallions Page.Check out our mares Page too.
If you have a website, we can add your site(s) on this page with other ASHA members who have a website.
Please write to Naylene Nield to find out about the Registered Breeders Packet.

Please and thank you,
American Sulphur Horse Association
Naylene Nield
Cedar City, UT 84720
Webmaster Naylene Nield

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